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San Angelo residents indicted for December 'shank' stabbing
San Angelo residents indicted for December 'shank' stabbing
San Angelo residents indicted for December 'shank' stabbing

Published on: 05/14/2024


SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — Two San Angelo women have been indicted on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after they both allegedly stabbed a man, who would later die from his injuries.

Ebony Gasca and Shevetra Mathis were each indicted for a second-degree felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to Tom Green County's April 2024 indictment report.

According to court records filed in Tom Green County, the investigation began on Dec. 26, 2023, after San Angelo police officers responded to the 300 block of West 13th Street for an unknown problem.

When officers arrived on the scene they found Jermaine Johnson suffering from two stab wounds. Though first responders transported Johnson to Shannon Medical Center, he succumbed to his injuries.

Records state that San Angelo Police Department officers later spoke with a resident who called 911. The resident claimed she saw Johnson sitting in “an upright position struggling to breathe” at the end of the driveway in front of the residence.

When detectives spoke with Gasca, it was learned that she and Johnson, who was her boyfriend, had gotten into a verbal altercation. The altercation continued in a black Ford Fusion as the two traveled to a Dollar General store.

While in the sedan, the altercation became physical after Johnson hit Gasca in the face. “The defendant, in return, struck the victim in his face with an open hand,” documents state. Gasca stated that the altercation continued in the Dollar General and the two soon returned to the residence on West 13th Street.

Records state that Johnson took Gasca’s phone out of her hands through the car window while at the residence and refused to return it. Gasca told investigators that she got out of the vehicle with a homemade knife, which she referred to as a "prison shank," and put it in her left pocket.

Gasca shared with officers that as she went to retrieve her phone, Johnson began to fight her and put her into a chokehold. She further stated she stabbed Johnson two times before he let her go.

While in a chokehold, Gasca said Shevetra Mathis came out of the residence to help her and “stabbed the victim.”

SAPD detectives interviewed Mathis. During the interview, it was learned that Gasca and Johnson were in a physical altercation and watched Johnson place Gasca in a chokehold. In response to this, Mathis shared she had retrieved a knife from the household and stabbed Johnson in the chest one time. After Mathis stabbed the victim, she recalled pushing Johnson. Mathis did not call law enforcement after the stabbing and spoke with Gasca over the phone after she left the scene.

After Johnson was stabbed, Gasca picked up her phone and left the scene in her car, according to court records. Gasca did not call law enforcement but did make several calls to others stating that Johnson was stabbed.

Detectives assessed Gasca but did not find any discoloration or abrasions that were consistent with the physical altercation. However, a lump on the left side of Gasca’s head was found. Gasca shared with detectives that Johnson hit her in the head with her phone, and damage to the phone was observed by detectives.

SAPD Crime Scene Investigators took photographs of Gasca and entered them through Secure Digital Forensic Imaging. While observing the photographs in SCDFI, CSI did not see any deep tissue bruising that is invisible to the naked eye on Gasca’s face, neck, chest or eyes.

Detectives interviewed two people who Gasca called after the stabbing took place.

A friend of Gasca’s shared with law enforcement that they received a phone call from her stating she had stabbed Johnson two times and left the scene. Gasca went to the friend’s apartment approximately five to ten minutes later in a panic, asking if she could change her clothes. Detectives located the shirt Gasca wore and found a tear in the front of it. Court records report the friend took Gasca back to the scene and then returned home.

Detectives spoke with the brother of the victim, who shared he received six phone calls from Gasca. He said he returned the phone call and learned from Gasca that she had stabbed his brother after being in a physical altercation.

Video surveillance from Dollar General was later retrieved by detectives, which showed Gasca and Johnson arriving in a black Ford Fusion at around 6:06 p.m. on Dec. 26, 2023. Both individuals can be seen entering the store at the 2900 block of North Chadbourne Street, but detectives did not see the two in a verbal or physical altercation inside the store.

The medical examiner’s office sent photographs for detectives to review. The photos depicted Johnson having various injuries throughout his body, including a stab wound to his right hip, left abdomen, chest and bottom lip. Several abrasions were also observed on the victim’s right elbow and fingers on the right hand as well as a gash on the right side of his head and abdomen area.

Telephone evidence was obtained by law enforcement for Mathis’ phone. In the phone, video evidence showed Johnson taking his clothes off, being aggressive and yelling at Gasca. A physical altercation did not happen within the video recording.

Gasca and Mathis were arrested in January 2024 in relation to the case. Gasca initially faced a murder charge.

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