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City to discuss Coliseum area expansion amid resident concerns
City to discuss Coliseum area expansion amid resident concerns
City to discuss Coliseum area expansion amid resident concerns

Published on: 11/17/2023


SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — The City Council is set to discuss the first steps towards possible expansion and improvements to areas located near the Coliseum however residents are concerned about how these changes could impact them.

The goal is to have a vibrant corridor from Chandbourne to 43rd St. direct to the Coliseum with the ability for citizens and visitors to walk safely during major events, the most notable being the Rodeo.

This proposal, if approved, will change the Comprehensive Plan designation for this area from "Neighborhood" to "Neighborhood Center". This will also change the zoning of the area to a Planning Development District, allowing RS-1, RS-2, and Neighborhood Commercial uses subject to certain conditions and limitations.

96 notices were mailed out to property owners within the area and another 20 to property owners within 200 ft. Most of those were in favor, with three against. At this time at least three discussions were held with property owners to voice their concerns. They were assured that a plan would be put in place to not only help protect their property but also make the area a positive attraction. The commercial development would be held to a minimum along Coliseum Drive and in the general area of the homes.

Residents expressed distrust of the proposal, not wanting the expansion to bring commercial use to the area, preferring it to be limited to small neighborhood commercial use such as smaller restaurants but not fast food and chain stores. Concerns were that additional commercial properties could add to the traffic that is normally generated during the Rodeo. Residents also did not believe that additional landscaping for the area would be consistently maintained.

There is a recognition that the area is changing but according to city documents, the general feeling was the residents did not want to be swallowed up by commercial development while also benefiting from potential growth.

Proposed conditions have been suggested to allow for development while also addressing concerns about traffic, lighting, aesthetics, and general neighborhood character.

Proposed limitations/ conditions:

  • The front setback along the Coliseum will be 15 feet for both residential and commercial uses. All parking will be encouraged to the rear of the buildings and the front yards to accommodate pedestrian accessibility.
  • For non-residential development, the front setback area will require a landscaping plan approved through the Urban Design Review process prior to approval of a site plan or issuance of a building permit.
  • Any signage for non-residential uses must be attached to the building and limited to 50 square feet. Freestanding signage is not allowed.
  • Use of existing homes for offices or commercial use is encouraged.
  • Non-residential uses must be compatible in size, scale, and design with the existing residential uses and the desired character of the neighborhood.
  • Lighting for non-residential uses shall be fully shielded in order to minimize spillover lighting and glare on nearby properties.
  • Allowable Neighborhood Commercial uses are generally to be service and retail uses and drive-through uses are not allowed.
  • Sidewalks shall be required along both sides of Coliseum Drive and 43rd Street.
  • For purposes of this Planned Development, the Birk Monument Manufacturing Company is
    considered an artisan use and is considered a special allowed use within this District

The City Council will discuss this during the Nov. 21 City Council meeting.

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