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Dance Floor 101
Dance Floor 101 Community
Dance Floor 101 82 Gillis Street, San Angelo, TX, USA

This event is scheduled on : 11/26/2023, 5:00 pm


To celebrate 40 years of dancing, Ballet San Angelo is hosting FREE ADULT DANCE CLASSES.

Classes will begin in September and meet every Sunday at 5 PM at 82 Gillis St.

Have you ever attended a fancy party, only to be disappointed that nobody danced? Wouldn’t it be amazing to burn the dance floor with some Salsa, or whisk your partner off their feet with a waltz? These free dance classes are designed to give you those exact skills so you can really shine at the Ballet San Angelo 40th Anniversary Gala!

Dance classes will cover a variety of genres including:

– Ballroom
– Country & Western
– Latin
– Swing


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